Cry, cry little heart

You’re tired of this world without colour

Tired of those people who deign not to see your glow


They understand nothing,

See nothing

Hear nothing

So why are they here gravitating around you …?


Some questions remain unanswered

Some actions have no effect


Cry, cry little heart

You are empty, but without rancour

Cry, cry little heart

Dry up your fears


Tomorrow on the horizon

Maybe doors will open to another place


In the light, you will discover

That something worthwhile remains

Far from duplicity and stupidity


In trying too hard to find perfection

We find only unreason


Cry, cry little heart

Time will dry your tears and,

Lighten your soul.




© Sylvie Ginestet
Author of ‘The Quest’ & ‘The Recouvrance’ & ‘Shadow Play’
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My first pleasure is to write…
The second one is that you read my work and that you get as much pleasure as I do…
Then we could say that it’s a victory!