Friday Me-You-He/She-Us-They

While I listen to Within Temptation, I write. Want to listen some ?

So I write and, I also think about all I have to bring with me for this little weekend to Blegny. Third ‘opus’ of this book fair growing year after year!

All information on the website:

I look at my mailbox every day, and I expect several letters that are important.

  • One Response about The Book of Souls
  • A letter from a lady writing
  • A reaction may be before the deadline of the end of October.

You surprise me … Yes, you!

He – Thanks for being there

We can be two or millions.

You had a good week?

They continue to walk straight ahead without stopping on the essential sometimes. We must take time … because time is not just money;)

See you in Blegny?

Have a great day 🙂



© Sylvie Ginestet
Author of ‘The Quest’ & ‘La Recouvrance’
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My first pleasure is to write…
The second one is that you read my work and that you get as much pleasure as I do…
Then we could say that it’s a victory!


Le vendredi du Je-Tu-Il/Elle-Nous-Vous-Ils/Elles


Dialogue entre le cœur et l’âme 2


  1. Teus

    Hope it will be succes the fair , do not think I will be joining you there 🙂 . Have good weekend . Bisous and hugs 🙂

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