I’m back after an evening of Zumba, I’m fine, I survived it lol … And I did change my opinion about this « sport ».

I’m okay, but my boiler got hiccups Hic! It turned itself in Eco mode, what it got to do with it ! It lives its life, and us, we suffer.


So I survived my first hour of Zumba, intensive activity requiring the attention of all the muscles in your body … But what a great feeling of well-being over the moment.

You should have seen it!

He intrigues me … and my heart also …

We‘ll see where it takes us.

You are tempted to Zumba, so go visit this site and sign up :


They walk in the street, determined, to a destination known only to them. Where do our steps, our hearts, our desires, our needs lead us ?



I wish you a nice weekend filled with joy, smile and surprise 🙂


Have a beautiful day




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