Somewhere, there is a deserted beach.

Somewhere, there is a wooden house.

Somewhere, there is a misty morning

My footsteps on the beach … slow.

The salty air intoxicates me.

I look at the horizon.

Somewhere, there is you.

I keep walking and I smile.

A figure emerges … maybe.

Somewhere there are my dreams …

Which sustain me on the path of my life.



Author of ‘The Quest’ & ‘La Recouvrance’
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My first pleasure is to write…
The second one is that you read my work and that you get as much pleasure as I do…
Then we could say that it’s a victory!


La rhapsodie de nos cœurs


Rhapsody of our hearts


  1. Teus ;)

    Maybe somewhere lays the answer 🙂

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