Some questions….

There are mornings when you wake up with a head full of questions. Not necessarily important ones, but they are there to titillate your mind!

So then what?

I write, I would like to do it as my job, at the moment it’s my passion and it still will be. It’s not like starting a small collection of antique cars and suddenly stopping for lack of .. I know not what. Me, my words harass me all the time, they strive hard towards the exit .. That means towards you. Because writing is good, sharing’s better and fusion is divine 🙂

I come to writing, meaning to find the time for it, to picture my stories , to live my words and slide myself through my characters. So I write fiction 🙂

Recently, I started a new kind of writing , I went from the narrative mode ( I ) to that of all. This having an overview of the facts , characters , actions, providing an ease in writing. It isn’t easy , no, no; just different. As for the theme of the book .. very different .. but as my mother would say « this is still abnormal ».

Normality remains very personal to each of us.. I’ll say no more on the subject. We all dream differently , for those who dream of course ..

Hmm but I was talking about these questions which torment us … Those of this weekend that are still around today are a recurring subject for me .. The distribution of my books .. Okay so if I was rich (if I was ) , I could of course pay for a few pages in magazines, call some journalists.. spend money in order to be read 🙂 . But, because there is always a but, I ‘m not .

So I think of a way to let myself become known . Book Fairs yes .. of course .. I do .. a good number of them. However, I must choose the best places to go . While all are good in the sense that they allow me to meet people, and discover different worlds, I can do this however by just being myself too, you know Sunday outings 🙂 . Because doing shows takes a lot of energy, mileage, money spent and time too.

To find a publisher who believed in me, who would bet on an unknown … I’ll give it a shot again , because one day it will maybe work 🙂 And now I have two books plus one translated , this proves that it wasn’t just a first attempt.

Chris told me not to forget the social networks too; Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and others. Social networking is the future , and finally ‘present’ 🙂 well; you see what I mean. If you know of other ones please share with me .. 🙂 And you can also follow me on these so-called social networks 🙂

Then there is WordPress 🙂 so here I am too.

Ah if I was rich … Don’t get me wrong , I ‘m not mercenary… just looking for that little something which could change it 🙂

A beautiful week to you 🙂





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My first pleasure is to write…
The second one is that you read my work and that you get as much pleasure as I do…
Then we could say that it’s a victory!


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  1. Teus ;)

    I was waiting for the trancelation of this article since yesterday 🙂 It is indeed the best way for you to get known through (indeed) the so called social media . And dreams / wishes we all have if not , I think life is over . Thank you for sharing this in English your own words trancelated still like to read them . Hope you like my comment . Keep writting these things Sylvie 🙂

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