Friday Me-You-He/She-Us-They

No “Friday Me-You-He/She-Us-They” last week, the fault of the Brussels Book Fair.. But now I’m back 🙂


Thank you, so many of you, for coming to meet me at the Book Fair in Brussels  🙂

You make me smile.

There’s no greater happiness than to see your eyes light up when I sign a book.

We’ll go far together.

You are marvellous.

They understand nothing (related to the people who employ me).


My week was very rich in emotion, it’s to all of you that I owe this..

Giovanna and Nathalie, you two in particular, you make my heart beat more strongly each time we meet..

So much laughter, a little wink to Emilie and Graham 🙂

Bou; for your generosity, your humour and your kindness 🙂

So much emotion of another kind, a little wink to the other side of the world.. So far yet so close.. 🙂

There we are; now I need to write… My head is full of words which are just demanding to be put down on paper.. You’re going to enjoy them 😉

A beautiful day to you.



Author of ‘The Quest’ & ‘La Recouvrance’
The quest is available on
My first pleasure is to write…
The second one is that you read my work and that you get as much pleasure as I do…
Then we could say that it’s a victory!


Le vendredi du Je-Tu-Il/Elle-Nous-Vous-Ils/Elles


Le vendredi du Je-Tu-Il/Elle-Nous-Vous-Ils/Elles


  1. Teus

    Was pleasure meeting you and be able to buy a sighned book
    Merci Sylvie 🙂

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