To be interested in

What is ‘ to be interested in’ ?


To be interested in: who wants to see or to know (let us remain simplistic)


To be interested in the unknown, but the visible, tangible unknown.? Or the unknown as a whole?  What kind, place, person..

Go beyond what believe we see, believe we think.. Push its limits farther than the known, but not just our known.


The word exploration then comes! Ah the big explorers, without them what would the world be!!

Explorers, inventors, discoverers.. And the unknown becomes then known for them and some others, not all  fortunately.


Curiosity brings the questions on everything and anything.. Why the sky is blue? Why a tomato is red? Why there are various colours? Why there are various languages? I am certain that there is answer to those. But …

What is the question which makes you the most uncomfortable? The question which brings no answer, the one which leaves you « hungry ».. The one which always pushes you farther OR stops  you dead in your exploration.. We speak here about ‘spirit’.. Everything has its limits in the unknown.. Otherwise it would not be funny if we had an answer for everything 😉


Then the unknown stays that way and always will do.. This word will never die..


I was just in my kitchen in front of the window looking at mares, one brown, one  grey , foals no brown nor grey. Sighs.. That of questions again and again! Ah yes but it is because of the gene of the father! Ah an answer 😉


My own question, the one that I have since I am young it is:

I am in my bed, I close eyes and I try to make the space. Of the room and in my head.. I am alone in the space and here is.. I died what is there now?

I do not still have found the answer because it is the unknown who comes then as answer, but one day I shall be it.. But it will be probably difficult to share.. But what finally I do not know, We do not know:)


But for the moment I am there to ask myself full of question, what I am going to cook? I want to make what in the fact?. It is  Sunday and if we started relax its spirit.. A little 🙂


H’mm It’s not won lol..


Have a  beautiful day 🙂




Etre Curieux..





    We all have questions in our head that will or will not be answered . It all depends if you want to know the answer 🙂

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