I worked during 26 years for same company, during this period I said yes to everybody, and especially no to me. In what I really wanted to do.

Especially last years, because nevertheless I liked very much what I made, I presume that I shall not have made it so for a such long time if had not been the case.

But one day they forced me to be fed up with of all this, has a good laugh to give my life and my time  from 8 am till 8 pm. Because every time I asked something it was no.

Then I took my life in hand, I moved and it was the trigger.. They did not appreciated my initiative because what I went against their plan.. Have a life to me. We still cannot quite given to an employer, because after all and  they have some issues to admit their Company is not our..

But my life belongs to me and nobody has to manage it for me.

Then I decided that my life had to be for the foreground, and I relegated their Company in the background. And I took time, the time to go to my workplace, the time to make my garden, the time to write, the time to appreciate things and people. And I became different. Well on where I lived now also brought to me a lot.

I took an enormous risk, however calculated, but they precipitated things, and they return them more difficult because they are envious, nasty and jealous.. Why I should be happy if they are not! But I I made a choice different from theirs.. Oh the naughty girl that here we are!!

Then I am going to earn less money (ouch), but what I am going to is that I am going to do for me. I am not selfish, even if we can think of it by the number of « me » in this text. It is just that we live that once, then if we can make it a little for one well so much the better. But it stays my choice:)

I am self-taught, thus I have to prove even more than the others what I am capable, because I have no diploma giving evidence of my knowledge or my skills. I am just Me.. I and my experiences.

It is not a fit of bad temper as we say, just a desire for sharing as it sometimes happens from me on something different.
And for once it’s about  Me:)

Beautiful day to all.





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    Je sais ce que vous entendez 🙂

  2. maryvonne roussey

    bjr je ne peux pas lire tes envois dommage tu vas bien, ici pas beau temps du tout il pleut tu vas bien, tes projets de travail sont en bonne voie j’espère pour toi je t’embrasse et tes filles aussi maryvonne

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    Message du : 17/09/2013 11:33

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