A day the wind, capricious and violent

Brought the most unexpected of little thing at the foot of the Tree

The Tree cared hardly about this new small neighbor

The seed grows up in its feet, so-so in this place

One day the Tree noticed the small red button opening on the life just there

He promised to protect her, he was tall and hardly

She was small and fragile

The Flower looked at the Tree in all its magnificence, bending to see the top of the top

The Tree had many friends, in the forest.. Trees, birds

All lived in full harmony, happy

One day the Flower realized that something did not go

She spoke about it to the Tree, which always told her not to worry, it was there to stay up her

But she felt well her strengths which diminished

The flower could not feed if far from the sun and from the rain

Sometimes the Tree seemed to understand, folded up its branches to give her what she needed to live

A little of energy for a while, then he left discussed quite there top, forgetting the little thing in its feet

A blow of furtive eye, a kind word, the Flower always smiled to the life and to its Tree

But her Tree did not so see low what it really took place

She lost her strengths, he did not still see

One morning nevertheless, she did not open

The Tree bent, and delicately with one of its branches touched the small fragile Flower

He had not seen the life leaving her little by little too much worried by himself

She had gone out only silently

The Tree was sad one time, but he was big and hardly

Then the capricious and violent wind brought a little thing to its feet

Which should never have arrived there, but the fate had decided on it otherwise, and nothing would change it

And the Tree smiles of this new offering

Sylvie Ginestet