What do you feel when you listen to some music? The kind that you like, the kind which touches you; because whatever is the music which you like, you like it because at the core of you it activates something … Maybe it’s the instruments, melody, words or voice of the artist or the whole of it?

The moment when you listen to it is also going to influence your choice.. Your humour, how your spirit is. The music brings nostalgia, enjoyment which is bound to our memories; « souvenirs » of our lives.

It enables us to communicate, to become closer and to unite people..

Music is everywhere, the chimes of the front door, your alarm clock, the bell of your telephone,  wind in the trees, wind in the fields, wind in the city squeezing between buildings.. Waves going and coming in the sea produce a sound unique to each.. Your steps.. All those noises produce sounds..

Music was always strongly a part of my life. It helped me, supported me, accompanied me. I remain capable of listening to the same piece of for hours at the risk of annoying my circle of acquaintances. I listen to of everything even if my preferences go towards the Rock and the Symphonic metal, including naturally the Gothic.

Music is my friend, it knows everything of me. I say everything to it about my failed choices, it will know what I feel without ever criticizing, it will follow me simply. And indefatigably it will continue to play for me, and indefatigably I shall continue to love it.

When it penetrates into me, my body shivers, my eyes close, my heart beats faster.. And my movements become uncontrollable then the union is made when I begin to sing, because that is the only instrument which I know really how to play.. No matter if I sing well or not, because that is not the main thing. The main thing is the pleasure which I am going to get from it, and if the artist could see how I feel his music then he could say to himself that he reached his purpose…that the music is felt as it deserves to be, with generosity and without restraint because above anything, music is a sharing quite like writing; it is a means of expression.


Have a good day.